José San Martín / Drums and Percussion

José was born in Rocha, Uruguay, where he lived until 1982, when he moved to Montevideo. From 1985 on toured Brasil and Argentina as member of several jazz and folk groups. In 1988, in Boston, USA, takes lessons from Ed Uribe (Berklee College of Music). Later on and in Sao Paulo, Brazil, records "Oriental", Hugo Fattoruso's album, with musicians such as Zeca Assumpçao, Mauro Senise, Sizao Machado, Ruben Rada, and others. He also records and co-authors "Gaia", with composer Pollo Píriz, as well as several other works for groups and solo artists from Montevideo.

Living in Madrid from 1992 on, he teaches drumming and percussion lessons privately and at EMC, while working as a session player for Federico Lechner, Santiago Reyes, David Defries, Centro Habana Band, Ramón Leal, Beatrice Binotti, Ensamble Nuevo Tango, Jorge Pardo, Carmen París, Coco Fernández, Jorge Drexler, Andy Phillips “Screamin Mimis”, Luis E. Aute, Sheilah Cuffy, Jerry González, Olga Román, Gladston Galliza, Luis Salinas, Claudio Gabis, Walter Malosetti, Raul Marques, Antonio Serrano, José Reinoso, etc.

In 1999 releases "Extradivarius Memories", an album that compiles some of his works over the years, and in 2000 releases "En esta esquina" (Ingo Music) which features some of his compositions, with Juan San Martin on bass and Nicolas Mora on guitar.

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